Finding our Own Voices

By | July 14, 2014

Hillary Clinton found her own voice during the 2008 US Presidential elections.
Hilary Clinton, upon winning the New Hampshire primary in 2008, opened her speech by saying “I want, especially, to thank New Hampshire.  In the past weeks, I listened to you, and in the process, found my own voice.”  If you watch earlier speeches in her campaign, leading up to this one, you would see that she was speaking different words and being a different, more natural self.  She appeared to be coming from a place of the heart, appearing authentic to her self.  Like Hilary and many other politicians, we often trust ourselves and our own hearts the least, shaping our words, and ultimately ourselves to an external “truth” and not to the one inside us.  Ironically, we speak to finding our own voice, a voice that is already there, simply waiting to be uncovered.

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