Speaking Without Fear

By | July 18, 2014

Before we think we know what this phrase means, we should look into it a bit further.  We might be implying for example that speaking without fear is speaking courageously.  Actually, this isn’t possible.

Speak into a microphone without fear.

“Courage” is acting despite our fear.  The fear is there, but we act on through it.  Speaking courageously then, is experiencing fear in what we are about to say, but saying it anyway, sometimes with timidity, sometimes with force.  In any case, speaking courageously is fuelled by strong emotions. On the other hand, speaking without fear comes from a different place.  Without fear, the experience is a different one.  Our emotional state, no longer being fuelled by fear, takes on a air of calm, strength and confidence and even care.  Both voices can be heard.  Which would you prefer to follow?

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